29 Jan 2019
Image 5 ecological activities to do on holiday

5 ecological activities to do on holiday

Ecological Activities

Our environment has undergone a lot of changes due to the acts of human beings. The environment is deteriorated; there are fewer trees, rivers and lakes are polluted, and even the air we breathe is unhealthy. Efforts have been made to save the environment; yet more still needs to be done.

5 ecological activities you can do on holiday

1. Join a climate change project

On holidays, it is a good idea to participate in programs which explore remote parts of the world.

  • You can join programs like Costa Rica's Climate Change Project, which aims to help combat the impacts of climate change in endangered species and their habitats.
  • Many similar programs are available on the internet.

2. Join a reforestation program

Do you know that trees make the air we breathe cleaner? Plant a tree when you go hiking in the mountains, or when you go to the rural areas. If you plant a tree each time you go on holidays in the rural area, you will contribute to reforestation.

  • On holiday, you can join a reforestation camp for free on the internet, particularly on Reforestation Volunteer Programs Abroad, and set out on tree plantation expeditions.
  • This project is looking for volunteers to participate in environment conservation experience, especially in reforestation volunteer opportunities in many parts of the world.

3. Go on environment development trip

Participate in environmental conservation programs as a volunteer and go on a trip to the most beautiful spots in the world.

  • Many environment conservation programs, especially Environment & Sustainable Development Volunteer Programs, are looking for volunteers.
  • Join these programs and participate in environmental conservation programs in many beautiful countries.

4. Join an animal rescue program

Do you know that many endangered animals need a rescue in order to survive? Global volunteers are needed to join animal rescue and wildlife conservation programs for 1 to 12 weeks in beautiful countries around the world.

  • You can go on animal rescue holidays in Madagascar, Israel, South Africa, and other beautiful countries through Volunteer for Wildlife and similar programs.
  • You can also go on sea animal rescue holidays in many parts of the world by joining conservation programs, particularly Marine Conservation Volunteer Abroad Programs.
  • Some of the destinations include Seychelles, Fiji islands, Grenada, and other beautiful countries.

5. Travel and teach environment conservation

Volunteer in environmental conservation programs in Africa for 1 or 3 weeks on your holidays. This is a great opportunity to teach children about environmental conservation and other skills.

  • Programs like “Be the Change in Children's Lives” are looking for global volunteers to make a change in many parts of the world including Africa.
  • You can also join ELI Abroad to have more opportunities to engage in ecological activities on your holidays regardless of your age.

Get ready for an ecological holiday

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