03 Feb 2019
Image 5 things to do to reduce your environmental impact on holiday

5 things to do to reduce your environmental impact on holiday

Environment and Holiday

Every year, tourists from different parts of the world come and visit the most fascinating beaches and beautiful landscapes in the most popular vacation spots. Unfortunately, massive tourism can have a bad impact on the environment for many reasons.

In fact, the footprints of tourists are so visible in some areas that the once beautiful landscape and fascinating beaches have become polluted and spoiled. What can be done to protect the environment on holiday?

5 simple ways to reduce the environmental degradation on holiday

1. Keep the environment clean

It is sad to see some fascinating vacation spots and beaches becoming quite polluted after summer holidays or Christmas holidays. Yet, clean environment is the key to a beautiful landscape. Besides, it can boost tourism if the environment is clean. On your hiking or backpacking trip, avoid throwing your fruit peels, or your biscuit package on the street. Instead, wait until you find a public garbage bin before you throw your garbage away.

2. Use cloth bags

Have you noticed that most of the things in the garbage dump consists of plastic bags and plastic bottles? Save the environment by using cloth bag and avoid using plastic bags. Cloth bags can hold more objects, and are reusable. When you go to the beach, put your sandals in a cloth bag, rather than in a plastic bag.

3. Use reusable tableware

Using disposable dishes, bowls and glasses will add up to the pile of garbage, which has already filled the bins in big cities. Therefore, when you go on camping or hiking holidays, bring reusable silver chrome tableware. It is not difficult to bring silver chrome dishes and glasses, and you can easily contribute to saving the environment.

4. Use containers to store food

Instead of using aluminum foil or plastic wrap, store your food in a bowl or in a plate. Do not bring ceramic or glass dishes, however, because they might break easily when you take them on your camping or hiking holidays. Instead, bring those silver chrome containers, which look more beautiful and can last longer. They can be re-used on your next holidays.

5. Walk more

Great holidays should be a combination of fun and well-being activities. Walk regularly from your hotel to the neighboring tourist attractions, instead of driving there by car or taking a bus. You can contribute to saving the world's stock of fuel if you walk from time to time. It also contibutes to your good health. Walk and save the environment from air pollution. Do not fall into the habit of driving everywhere, as long as the place you go to is still within a walking distance.

Travel green

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